From time to time you might experience the problem, that Voobly is visible in your task bar, but you can't see the desired client or messenger window, even though you are clicking on it.


Voobly Messenger or client window is running off screen, this behavior occurs after running a dual screen scenario or random crashes of the widescreen patch.


  1. Right-Click on the Voobly short-cut on your desktop or task bar and choose Properties.

  2. Change the option Run: from Normal Window to Maximized.

  3. Confirm by clicking Apply and OK.
  4. Now run Voobly, start client and messenger and move the maximized window back to a normal sized window on your Desktop.
  5. Close Voobly.

  6. Reverse the changes in step 2, by changing the option Run: back to Normal Window again.

  7. Confirm by clicking Apply and OK.