Voobly's Technical Help Room also referred to as HR is running in a Managed Lobby mode, which means that players entering this lobby are unable to speak.

How does this work? A Managed Lobby is divided into five possible spots:

  • Moderator
  • Guest
  • Asking
  • Waiting
  • Watching

All players and staff members will find themselves in the Watching spot when entering this Lobby. Based on your access level, this lobby will behave differently to other Voobly players which is explained below.

Managed Lobby guide for normal players

Voobly players including premium members and staff members holding a premium level (e. g. promoters and game advisers), are forced into the moderation queue and have to request to speak.

To ask a question in a Managed Lobby they can do either of the following:

  • either by right-clicking on their name and Make Waiting
  • or clicking Menu File > Request to speak
  • or attempting to type in chat, which will automatically move them to the Waiting spot

Once approved by the staff member in Moderator spot, who will then move the player to Asking spot, the user is allowed to speak and his chat is no longer suppressed by the Managed Lobby.

Managed Lobby guide for applicable staff members

Voobly staff providing Technical or General Support (e. g. VTech members) but also staff members that are in charge of rules enforcements (e. g. game moderators) are allowed to move themselves to Moderator in HR.

Do this by simply right-clicking on your name and Make Moderator. This will move you into the Moderator Spot, players in HR can now see, who is available for help.

Staff members in Moderator spot can now right-click on a player's name in Waiting and Make Asking to allow them to chat.

Working in Help Room

Our HR is a working environment and must be respected. This is a professionally managed Lobby.

Violations of the Managed Lobby Protocol include:

  • General use of moderator tools from staff members in the Watching spot.
  • Comments on another Moderators advice while assisting other players.

It is very irritating for the staff member in the Moderator spot assisting players. Please use the Staff Lounge for that purpose.

If you would like to assist the current Moderator in HR, please ask for permission and make sure you are in the Guest Spot by right clicking on your name > Make Moderator then right-click on your name > Make Guest.

The staff member in Moderator spot is in charge of our HR and also enforcing this protocol, which applies to all staff members.

Repeated violations of the Help Room protocol may be considered an abuse of tools and can result in eventual removal from the program.

When assisting players, please always make sure to be on Do Not Disturb in messenger, this will prevent macros accidentally running in popping up messenger windows and also won't draw off your attention.

If you need assistance, ask a fellow staff member to assist you in Guest Spot or generally consider to step up with two staff members in Moderator Spot, which would also allow you to help two players at once.

Tool Usage in Help Room

You may use your moderator tools as explained in the level orientations in those function rooms (e. g. HR). Repeated violations of our Code of Conduct, disruptive behavior such as trolling or inappropriate language is being considered as Help Room Abuse and is a bootable offense as such. Always move disruptive players back to watching in a first step, so they can't chat anymore, then give them a gentle warning either using /warn or /msgbox. Keep in mind, that the specified reason is shown as the message to that player. Always take screenshots of Help Room Abuse in case of complaints, at least one screenshot of the offense is required. As stated in our protocol, an instant boot (time ban) is wrong and also considered an abuse of tools.

  • /warn <username> <message>
  • /msgbox <username> <message>
  • /kick <username> <reason>
  • /boot5 <username> <reason>
  • /boot60 <username> <reason>
  • /bootday <username> <reason>

Never use mute in Help Room, muted players cannot chat when they are in Asking spot which will waste our time and also cause confusion, as we would move him back to Watching over and over again, since he cannot answer.

Available commands in Help Room

When working with macros such as Keyboard Express, those commands might be useful:

  • /mlstate <username> moderator
  • /mlstate <username> guest
  • /mlstate <username> ask
  • /mlstate <username> wait
  • /mlstate <username> watch